Postdoctoral Fellow

Hiba Baaziz (2018-2020)

Graduate Students:

Gaurav Dogra, (December 2009-August 2011), “Studies on the role of CheS in Sinorhizobium meliloti chemotaxis,” Current position as Research Associate at Lonza Pharma & Biotechnology.

Hardik Zatakia, Ph.D. (December 2009-August 2015), “Characterization of symbiotically important processes in Sinorhizobium meliloti,“ Received Postdoctoral Professional Masters (PPM) in Bioscience Management at the KECK Graduate Institute. Current position as Analyst at Empartners (Ewing, New Jersey).

Benjamin Webb, Ph.D. (December 2010-August 2016), “Elucidation of the specificity of Sinorhizobium meliloti chemoreceptors for host derived attractants,” Current position as Program Coordinator at the Pali Institute for Outdoor Education in San Bernardino, CA.

Rafael Castaneda Saldana (May 2015-April 2018), “Characterization of the Sinorhizobium meliloti chemotaxis system,” Current position as Instructor at Concord University, Athens, WV.

Katherine Broadway, Ph.D. (August 2013-July 2018), “A new perspective on the utilization of Salmonella as an anti-cancer agent,” Current position as Microbiologist at Defense Sciences Inc., Woodbridge, VA.

Timofey D. Arapov, Ph.D. (December 2014-February 2020), “Quantification and functional characterization of Sinorhizobium meliloti chemotaxis proteins .” Current position as post-doctoral fellow.

K, Karl Compton, Ph.D. (August 2015 – August 2020), “The nature of host plant recruitment by the sensory repertoire of Sinorhizobium meliloti.” Current position as second lieutenant in the US Airforce.

Floricel Gonzalez, Ph.D. (August 2016-May 2021), “Investigation of flagellotropic phage interactions with their motile host bacteria,” Current position as Resident Phage Scientist, at A&P Inphatec.

Nathaniel Esteves, Ph.D. (August 2019-May 2024), “The interplay between pathogenic bacteria and bacteriophage Chi: New directions in motility and phage-host interactions in Enterobacterales,” Postdoctoral Researcher, Zhu lab, U. Penn.

Undergraduate Research Students: * pursued graduate studies

Max van Tassell (summer 2009-spring 2010)*

Jiun Chen (summer 2009-spring 2010)*

Saawan Mehta (summer 2009-fall 2010) Post-Baccalaureate Cancer Research Training NIH

Emily Koiner (summer 2010 until spring 2011)*

Melanie Niemeyer (summer 2010 until spring 2011)*

Cassandra Nelson (summer 2010 until spring 2012)*

Anjali Sharma (fall 2010 until spring 2012)

Angelica Thapa (spring 2011 until spring 2012)

Meghan Canter (summer 2011 until spring 2013)* Scieneer, co-advised by B. Behkam

Jocelyn Browning (fall 2011 until spring 2012)

Bowen Meng (summer 2012 until spring 2013)*

Taylor Earley (summer 2012 until fall 2012)

Katherine Broadway (summer 2012 until spring 2013)*

Deepika Kunnath (spring and fall 2012)

Madeline Blake (fall 2012 until spring 2013)

Umair Syed (spring 2013 until summer 2014)

Alex Hall (fall 2013 until spring 2014)

Karl Compton (fall 2013 until spring 2015)*

Elizabeth Denson (spring 2014 until spring 2015)*

Jose Zuniga Arana (fall 2014 until fall 2015)

Amanda Sebastian (fall 2014 until summer 2017)

Anna McCluskey (fall 2015 until spring 2018)

Alex Scott (summer 2016 until spring 2017)

Rachel Cronin (summer 2016 until spring 2018)

Alex Gano (summer 2016 until spring 2017)

Tristan Stoyanof (spring 2017 until fall 2017)

Jack Hilger (spring 2017 until fall 2017)

Aaron Brock (summer 2017 until spring 2018)

Nathaniel Esteves (fall 2017 until spring 2019)*

Claire Yuan (fall 2017 until spring 2018)

Katie Capps (summer 2019)

Jiwoo Kim (fall 2018 until fall 2019)

Djelika Kabore (fall 2018 until fall 2019)

Rowan Wooldridge (spring 2019 until spring 2020)

Josh Yoon (fall 2019 until summer 2020)

Rebecca Kelly (spring 2021 until spring 2022)

Liam McMillan (summer 2021 until fall 2021)

Evan Miller (fall 2021 until spring 2023)

Danielle Bigham (spring 2022 until spring 2023)

Abigail Horton (summer 2022 until fall 2022)

Katelyn Idella Collett (fall 2022 until spring 2024)*

Alyssa Leite (spring 2023)

Sharat Paka (fall 2023 until spring 2024)*


Daniel Shickel (spring and summer 2010)

Alan Schano (summer and fall 2011)

Kai Norbeck (fall 2012)

Miao Chen (spring 2013) *

Lindsey Goddard (spring 2013)

Yeonjoo (Jamie) Kim (fall 2013)

Sam Herron (fall 2015)

Eunice Hwang (spring 2017)

Claire Yuan (summer 2018 until spring 2019)

Summer Undergraduate Researchers funded through MAOP (Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program), NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates), Fralin SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships), REEL and Scieneering:

Meghan Canter (Scieneering 2011)

Kwabena Owusu-Boateng (MAOP 2011)

Chelsea Calloway (REU 2011)

Doris Taylor (MAOP 2012)

Gregory Forbes (REU 2012)

Meryl-Anne Dexter (MAOP 2013)

Elizabeth Denson (SURF 2014)

Karl Compton (SURF 2014)

Umair Syed (REU 2014)

Floricel Gonzalez (MAOP 2014)

Amanda Sebastian (MAOP 2016)

Anna McCluskey (SURF 2016)

Jack Hilger (SURF 2017)

Nicole Eng (MAOP 2017)

Aaron Brock (MAOP 2017)

Nathaniel Esteves (SURF 2018)

Maya Pahima (MAOP 2018)

Zharia Duncan (REEL 2018)

Djelika Kabore (MAOP 2019)

Jiwoo Kim (SURF 2019)

Rowan Wooldridge (SURF 2019)

Evan Miller (SURF 2022)

Abigail Horton  (NSF REU 2022)

Jacobie Spence (NSF REU 2022)

Celeste Phillips (REEL 2022)

Celeste Phillips (REEL 2022)

K. Idella Collett (SURF 2023)*

Tony Samson (SURF 2023)

Bryce Brunelli (MAOP 2023)