Richard Sobe

Richard received his B.S. (Spring 2013) and M.S. (Fall 2015) degrees in Cell and Molecular biology from Appalachian State University. He continued his Master’s research as a technician/lab manager where he worked to characterize various aspects of a two-protein signaling pathway controlling Vibrio cholerae biofilm formation in response to a class of ubiquitous molecules known as polyamines.

He began his doctoral research in the Scharf lab in Fall of 2017 where he is working to understand regulation of chemotaxis and motility by the soil bacterium, Sinorhizobium meliloti, in response to metabolites released by its symbiotic host, Medicago sativa. Specifically, he aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in regulating flagellar motor rotation downstream of chemotactic events.

When not working in the lab or working from home, Richard enjoys engaging in various outdoor activities such as biking or hiking the remarkable Appalachian mountains, reading a good book, and catching up with family and friends.